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Friday, December 14, 2012
Moved on...
Bear Droppings has long since been dead, but if you want to see what I am doing these days check out, It's not much at the moment, but I'll have a new look and content in the future, thanks for stopping by.
Thursday, May 20, 2004
Thanks to the Accordion Guy I am playing with Blogware as the new host for Bear Droppings, or whatever the new name I decide. Frankly so far I like it, it has post titles, categories, RSS support, and a number of feautres I have been looking for so look over there for future posts. I'll keep this site up for a bit while I transfer and people move their blogrolls but that will be the new home. Or very soon will go there as well.
Very astute article by Mark Cuban on the state of modern media.
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Did my civic duty and voted today, a big stir in Flagstaff. The city wants a bond for land that isn't for sale. The owner had tried to sell the land a while back twice to the city that he decided hell with it and decided to keep the land. As Renee would say "aren't local issues so cute."
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Poetry Wednesday

The Enkindled Spring
This spring as it comes bursts up in bonfires green,
Wild puffing of emerald trees, and flame-filled bushes,
Thorn-blossom lifting in wreaths of smoke between
Where the wood fumes up and the watery, flickering rushes.

I am amazed at this spring, this conflagration
Of green fires lit on the soil of the earth, this blaze
Of growing, and sparks that puff in wild gyration,
Faces of people streaming across my gaze.

And I, what fountain of fire am I among
This leaping combustion of spring? My spirit is tossed
About like a shadow buffeted in the throng
Of flames, a shadow that’s gone astray, and is lost.
- D.H. Lawrence

I was one of the last of my friends to get a cell phone. In DC I was generally too connected at work and home. I didn't mind when people couldn't get a hold of me, I had voice mail at home and work and even a pager for a bit, govt funded, but a cell was just a bit too connected for me. One friend in particular made light of my lack of a cell phone in '98-99 when he introduced me to a friend "This is my friend Tom, he really doesn't have a cell phone", not unlike you might say "This is BillyJoe he doesn't have indoor plumbing."

When I returned to Arizona last year I decided I needed one to have some form of phone at the cabin and in event of emergency on the trips between Phoenix and Northern AZ. A cell fit the bill because it was easy to carry and didn't lead to having multiple phone bills.

A year later that phone is dying and I looking at getting a replacement phone. The old one worked well in Sedona, but mediocre everywhere else and near work it's worthless. But as I look around examining my options I realized asking coworkers that probably less than 50% of Flagstaff residents have cell phones. While they recognize it would be useful on the road, since any major city is at least 2 and half hour drive, it doesn't seem to be as wide spread as the rest of the country. That is not to say that I haven't seen people using them in town or driving with them, but they just don't seem to be popular here.

Interesting cultural point, knowing the local culture I can't help but wonder if it may be by intent. That they LIKE being out of touch occasionally and away from the world which is why they live here in the first place.
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
XM Radio
My office has installed the XM Radio system, the satellite system radio you pay $10 a month. I was pretty skeptical of the companies' premise, but liked the idea I could get a chance to listen to what it was like without paying for it.

Having listened for a month I am pretty impressed. They have a wide array of rock and other stations, including a series of decade stations that play every one from the 40s to the 90s.

My favorite station is probably Lucy a sassy channel that has smartalec station announcements and plays a good mix of New Wave-Alternative music from 80s through today.

I think what surprised me the most was the 70s and 90s channels. I listened to radio throughout the 90s and only know about 40% or less of what they play and enjoy about 10-15%. In contrast the 70s channel I have know about 90% of the songs they play and enjoyed about 40-50%. Hey it was the age of Disco

Overall if you are living in an area with poor radio station variety. Thanks to Clear Channel and the like that's probably 99% of you, I'd look into the satellite networks sure you have to pay for the service, but the music variety is pretty respectable.
Monday, May 10, 2004
Weekend Wrapup
Still working out the network card issue a neighbor has brought one over but someone needs to install it, I suppose that may be me.

Worked overtime last week so I was a bit tired Friday, which staying up late playing a video game on roommate's computer and then getting up early Saturday for a golf tourney for work didn't help any I am sure. I should post details on that at

Otherwise the weekend was filled with resting, cleaning, and unpacking. Now for lunch and then off to the job. Fun no?
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
New internet cable so everything is good right?


There was the network issue of getting two routers to work together, supposedly resolved but my desktop still ain't online. Neighbor thinks it may be hardware issue, considering it was working fine 30 miles down the road I am not convinced. I do remain open to the idea, because while there was no trama during the move and everything looked fine on visual inspection it's Windows so you never know.

To a certain brother get the Mac desktop reloaded with OS 9 and up here ASAP, along with my Mac laptop and wifi card. I'll get it fixed locally I can't wait anymore.
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Odd week, my room's hand wired net cable has sprung a leak and spilling packets all over the floor. Luckily it's not much of a mess, but the downside is I have no net access until the weekend when I can go and buy a 50-75ft Ethernet cable. We are still sorting out configuring the wifi router, but it works well enough on my roommate's laptop so I can type this post.

Work goes well I had my three month review today. I admit considering I had another job review about this time last year and it resulted in unemployement I was a touch nervous for the meeting. But it went real well, everyone was pleased with my progress so no worries on that end.

Otherwise all is well. The pup is adapting to the new home and enjoys the constant stream of play fights with the other dog. The unpacking continues on and will be completed by the first snowfall of Fall, which knowing Flagstaff could be next week. ;-)
Friday, April 23, 2004
Home for a quiet weekend, I wanted to go to San Francisco with friends but between finances, exhaustion from the move last weekend, and the dog I decided it would be best to stay here. Rest, relax, and get the house in order. I wish I could have gone, but there will be other trips.
The list of folks taking Iraq 'Food for Oil' bribes just keeps getting longer.
Thursday, April 22, 2004
It's good to be home. I constantly hear trains passing through town, I don't know when I first loved to hear the sound. I suspect it was when I was as a child in Ohio, the Akron area had a fair share of trains, It may be associated with the time when my parents traveled West to check out Arizona to live. I stayed at my Grandparents' house while my parents were looking for our new home. The window was open in my bedroom and the vivd memories of the trains' sound is one of the long last things from that trip. Regardless I have always enjoyed the sound and now as I hear a train rumbing down the hill and into downtown Flagstaff, with the horns sounding all I can do is smile.
My supervisor had a great comment tonight...

When you worked in politics, you had to wear a suit everyday. Now you wear a suit everday too, a bunnysuit.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
With the dramatically shorter distance I am starting to ride my bike to commute, I can use the exercise and with gas prices it will save money. Yesterday's ride home went well great view of the stars and I had properly layered so I didn't much notice the cold. The ride to work was a bit of a struggle between the hills, 7000ft elevation, and me being out of shape it was a tough ride. It will get better I know in the next few weeks, but it was a rough start.
More on the UN bribery with oil scandal.

A little more seriously if there is truth in these allegations, as a supporter of the ideal of the UN, the body must act quickly with reforms and better financial oversight. Without those reforms I suspect the UN could be looking for a new home and the US withdrawal in the next ten years. Members of Congress are often not fans of the UN to begin with and a story like this would only give them more ammunition.

Further followup on the issue
Saturday, April 17, 2004
Back online, my service provider a few days ago discountinued service, but considering I cancelled it at the end of March I can't complain. I am mostly moved up to Flagstaff, hurrah. A whole lot miles the last few days hauling my stuff up the mountain, many thanks to my brther, Michael, and Jeff on the help. Very tired, but back online tomorrow the unpacking begins.
Thursday, April 15, 2004
Looks like the move will happen, finally. :-)

Just have to have the dogs meet and assuming it goes well I move Saturday. I can't wait.
Arizona finally leaves the dark ages and joins the rest of the civilized world. Not that it will dramatically change the world, but it means if I work overtime I won't have to speed to a store to buy beer on the way home or on New Years, my friends and I instead of going out in the cold for the pine cone drop, then rushing inside before last call can be a little more leasurely, not worried about gettting a drink to celebrate. It reminds me of the year we had hotel rooms and went to Safeway to stock up on beer, wine, etc before we went to the regular haunt for New Years. That way we could enjoy a decent drink after midnight. 2am is a respectable, mature hour.
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
911 Commission member Gorelick has a rather large conflict of interest, she has been highly critical of the current administration's information sharing, but she wrote the policy that dictated that policy. I am not a lawyer, but in that kind of position she should have recused herself from joining the Commission in the first place when she knew she might have the potential to be called as a witness. Unless she has an agenda to push...I know, I know a personal agenda on a government commission that NEVER happens.

PS - More on the issue, I don't like Sensebrenner, but he's right on this.

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