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Thursday, January 31, 2002
This isn't all that interesting a Strom story, but considering that I haven't had any articles of late I'll point this out. Day 79 of the Strom Thurmond Death Watch(TM)
I bet you were think I was wrong, that Traficant couldn't be as outragous as I have suggested, but you would be mistaken.
Never a dull moment with Traficant around.
Ah Flagstaff, center of the world, don't believe me go check this out. Of course it's usually nothing good that gets Flagstaff in the news (i.e. America's Most Wanted, Anthrax being stored there, etc.)
Wednesday, January 30, 2002
This one goes out to Renee an expext on the issue of Crack! Who knew that she and Kenneth Lay had so much in common. I certainly didn't, but remember as Cartman been know to say "My uncle says smoking crack is kinda cool" so maybe they it's wrong to judge it's not like they have been on the cover of "Crack Whore" magazine....(yet)
I have this sudden urge to visit New Orleans. I wonder why.
They want to construct a 25 story Cross in Michigan. You know this is one of those things I never understood about Christianity and it's history, I mean Jews don't walk around with a slaughtered lamb, Confusionists don't carry their dead relative bones about on them, why is that symbol so important? I mean as I understand it Jesus was a fisherman of men (people) and that carries a good meaning, I understand the sacrifice element and all that, but if I was Jesus and came back, I think I'd get alittle bothered that people are so obssessed over it. I dunno I am not a Christian, just my take.
Tuesday, January 29, 2002
And yes, hardly any posts, I have been busy working today....
I wasn't the only one ticked by all the hoopla over Dave Thomas' death. Check it out.
Blogger ate my archives....HELP!
Monday, January 28, 2002
For work since some of it revolves around Corporate Privacy and trying to promote best practices, I subscibe to lists and briefing documents on the issue. Today, I got an an email from this group about some issue from the Privacy Leadership Initative, no big deal right? Except they emailed it directly to the whole list instead of Blind CC as is the custom. The really funny thing though is a place called the Privacy Leadership Institute shows poor leadership, I know, very geeky rant, but I found it funny. It was interesting to see how many names popped up that I know..
I saw Ronin last night and was impressed with it, it was a well written spy story, this morning I figured out why David Mamet had been one of the writers. Contrary to what I wrote recently about Mamet, I generally think he's one of the best writer's for movies and plays today. A shame Heist was bad, but I liked that these were real characters with a history and back story. Especially finding a good story of these mercenaries after the Cold War from different backgrounds was well done. (I'd point to where I last discussed Mamet, but my archives are missing, hmmmmmmmm, that's odd.)
Saturday, watched the Suns make fools of themselves and Jordan have a 41 point game. My buddies seats were good so it was alot of fun, though we both agreed that next year he needs to move one section over for a better look at Wizard's Dancers (BTW - ugly site design, but I wasn't going to look at the website design). A shame Wizards have the highest priced tickets in the league, but the Dancers and Mascot spent hardly anytime out on the floor. When I saw the Suns in Phoenix, they were out on the floor 2-3 times as much and gave a ton of t-shirts out. Phoenix has a similar record to the Wizards, but work towards keeping the fans in the game much better. Granted the Dancers are eye-candy and the tshirts are cheap giveaways, but you know I little love back to the people forking over all that cash goes a long way.

Sunday, veggied out watching the football games, New England really earned their spot you have to give them credit. Pittsburgh just fell apart, I suspect they didn't take New England seriously and were already heading into the Super Bowl in their minds before the game started. Kordell Stewart who had a hellova a year sounded like an arrogant prick afterwards saying "Well, sometimes the better team doesn't win" I hate to break it to you man, you had a great season but New England was clearly a better team on the field yesterday. Trying to figure out who I want to win, I suspect I'll end up cheering for New England, they really have earned it this year (but I suspect the Rams will kick their butt).

Off to do some work....
Saturday, January 26, 2002
Bio section is alittle more complete up above on the HOME bar...little steps this site is coming along, I am going to the Suns-Wizards game tonight and a birthday party for a friend afterwards, so last post until tomorrow...Have a good weekend all!
Friday, January 25, 2002
I always have loved trains, probably partly due to seeing them buzz by as a kid in Ohio and hearing their horn off in the distance at my Nana's house. When I travel around Germany it's by train, and even in the States I have riden it when it was practical. That's why I was really pleased to look at this page. I have spent enough nights in a train station watching the stillness pierced by the metal giants shooting past to relate to the picture. Reminds me of the road, of travel to new places, to scratch that itch. (Thanks to Jeffe for pointing out the page)
Congress is going to consider a bill next week "Honoring the life Dave Thomas and expressing the deepest condolences of the House of Representatives." As much as I was felt bad that the guy died, I think Congress has better things to do with it's time than this bill. As Traficant would say "Beam me up!"
I am in the process of editing a transcript from a webcast, we pay the phone company for it, but I always need to edit it for errors. It's about as boring as it sounds. Anyways in this webcast one of the participants said "We have expanding knowledge". What the hell does that mean? Where do you buy expanding knowledge? and who knew the term was so popular?
Friday Five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear?
Tsar, not sure who makes it.

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex? Hmmmmm, never good with names of that stuff....

3. What one smell can you not stomach? Black Cherry soda...(bad college drinking story)

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird? Train stations....even the subway in New York, a bit mysterious, sick and never sure where it might lead you.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I don't know...but that's a good thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2002
To those who scoff and think technology can't improve our lives, I have proof you are wrong! I am just left wondering if it can be set to detect Guinness. (Blantently stolen from /.)
Wednesday, January 23, 2002
Hart building has reopened, welcome back.

To the affected Senate Staffers: I can relate, after the shooting at the Capitol our office was closed for a few days and working in the environment afterwards was weird. But don't fret it will get back to the normal insanity quicker than you think. Take care of yourselves.

Day 71 of the Strom Thurmond Death Watch(TM) and Strom has made the papers again, this time because Senate Chaplain Ogilvie visited Charlotte evidently (He talks about Strom is all), if your interested enough to read the short article it's here.
Tuesday, January 22, 2002
Well, I'll be damned, Congrats! Amazon having a profit is good news for me work wise, the President of our division board is Amazon's VP for Public Policy and it's good to see a member company doing well.
An old buddy of mine's kid is hilarious " chocolate gravy". So true, so wrong, so very, very cool. For those of you not in the know, Nutella is amazing, I learned of it in college in Germany and haven't lived without a jar nearby ever since. In fact (Thomas looks into desk drawer) there is a jar in my desk as I type.
Have you heard about the problems at Kmart. In college I worked at store #4711 on and off for 3-4 years. I can't say this comes as any big shock, the management techniques were really poor and attitude of management left alot to be desired. I left the experience honestly expecting them to close sooner or later.

Flashback, I forgot my vest at home one day with my name tag on it, the manager asked where it was, I told him, "Sir, I memorized it!" Strangely he didn't find it funny.

There were alot of good people I worked with and I hope they come out of this alright.

Monday, January 21, 2002
Back from Billy Joel and Elton John, a brief review for you.
It was honetly great we were in the 425 section (nosebleed) at MCI Center, but it worked out well. The way the stage was set up we had a great view of them. As for the music there were a few favorites from Billy, I would have love to hear, but hearing several thousand people sing "Piano Man" together is really amazing, from the reaction he gave us, I think he might have even been impressed. Elton was alright, not really the person I went to see, but he does his material very well. I still gut read him as an arrogant prick, but maybe that is just my image through media's eyes. He seemed to have fun and they (Billy and Elton) worked very well together.

We were up above the crew working the rigging of the light, and it was fun to see one of them bopping his head to the music along with the crowd. If you have a chance to catch the show I highly recommend it.

Night all off to bed, I'll add some links and spell check it in the morning

PS- I found 5 dollars on my way home so I had to stop off at the local pub and enjoy a Guinness. (It would be wrong not to honor such good fortune) So any spelling errors are due to my usual lack of spelling ability and a pint of Ireland's best.

Friday, January 18, 2002
As I occasional mention, I love following the exploits of Representative James Traficant. His one minute speeches are deeply loved by staff on both sides. Anyways, it looks like he may final lose his seat, ladies and gentleman a moment of silence.

From National Journal
Traficant's District Eliminated In Ohio Redistricting Plan
Ohio Republicans Thursday won Democratic support for a congressional redistricting agreement that shores up the political base of Democratic Rep. Tom Sawyer, eliminates the district of Democratic Rep. James Traficant, and provides enough Democratic votes in the state legislature to enact the plan. Ohio is losing one of its House 19 seats, and the plan carves up Traficant's Youngstown-based 17th District among Sawyer, Democratic Rep. Ted Strickland and GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette. The GOP plan has been emerging this week, but did not pick up needed Democratic support until Thursday, when two Akron wards were added to Sawyer's district, improving his chances in an expected Democratic primary contest against Traficant, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Traficant, who goes to trial next month on federal racketeering, conspiracy and bribery charges,has vowed to seek re-election. Sawyer's new district includes Youngstown, where Traficant would have the best chance to compete. A Traficant spokesman accused Democrats of working to eliminate Traficant's district. "The Democrats, both at the state level and on the U.S. House delegation, had an abnormal amount of influence on this process," the spokesman told the Akron Beacon Journal. "His district being eliminated is certainly a result of that."
Except for Traficant, the plan gives the state's Democrats districts in which they should be able to win re-election. Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown, a potential challenger to GOP Gov. Bob Taft, received a district that includes his home in Lorain County. In the Cleveland area, Reps. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Dennis Kucinich received districts that keep them in Democratic-dominated Cuyahoga County. Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur received a district that retains Toledo, but stretches eastward into Lorain County. The plan also expands Democratic Rep. Tony Hall's district into GOP territory in Warren County. Republicans controlled the process, but they need seven Democratic votes in the state House and one in the state Senate to enact the plan immediately in time for the state's Feb. 21 filing deadline and May 7 primary. — by Mark Wegner

I just hope for America's sake this is wrong, the man makes you laugh at the absurities in American politics and the world.
Friday Five time kiddies...
1. What do you have your browser start page set to? At work I also have it set to the company, where ever I am working's homepage. If someone hacked our site over the night I'd like to know first thing, not hours later after it's been like that all day. At home, I really haven't paid attention, probably Yahoo.
2. What are your favorite news sites? /., Tech Daily by National Journal, Drudge, AZ Daily Sun, AZ Repulsive, NY Times, Washington Post, RollCall, and of course The Onion. After checking email in the morning, I do a quick scan of them.
3. Favorite search engine? Google, is there any other?
4. When did you first get online? 1995, a Prof of mine had an email address, I didn't even know what that was....a few months later, I found Mosaic and started wandering around, been hooked ever since.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Sushi Happy Hour tonight, grocery shopping and maybe a museum tomorrow, and Billy Joel/Elton John concert Sunday, Monday if the weather is good maybe golf.

Thursday, January 17, 2002
One thing you can count about Traficant, is that he will never be boring.
The curious amongst you might get the idea sometime to search for an ex-girlfriend(or boyfriend as the case maybe) in Google. DON'T! You really don't want to know all the information that is running around about people, scary really.
Our office takes up the entire floor of the building and so we have two kitchens one at each end. The regular staff kitchen with full size frig, mega-coffee machine, etc, etc and at the other end just a tiny kitchenet for the conference room, small frig, coffee maker, etc....well this morning I went to get some coffee from the machine. No coffee made, okay fine I'll make some....but there is no pot ....check all the cupboards....nothing, check the dishwasher...nada....., go down to the other kitchen and they are using all the coffee pots for a meeting....well, fine, good enough, but that should leave us at least one regular coffee evidently was in the other dishwasher being run.....because you know who would want coffee at 9am in the morning......

I went downstairs to the deli for coffee, but I wasn't happy (even though the coffee is better).
Warning: Don't get between Thomas and coffee, it just ain't healthy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002
playing with blogger trying to set up links....may look alittle weird for a bit.....
Carl Hiaasen is on NPR discussing his new book and I had known he had written a song for the book along with Warren Zevon, one of my favorites. So went to Zevon's site to see if it had any information on the song. Sure enough you can download it as mp3, but even better they announce that Warren's next album is "My Ride's Here" and will be released this Spring, I can't wait! :-)

Why do I suddenly feel like I dropped into Groundhog Day? Phil? Phil Connors? Have you seen this man? Troops are on the look out for him. (Who needs fiction, reality is freakin' weird enough) Also Groundhog day quotes...
I have found it interesting the number of people who have found my site from Google of late, looking for something I really don't normally discuss. Evidently if you look up the terms "episode", "download", and a certain WB program you get my blog in the results list. Why? At first I could not figure out why either until I did the same search to find the results. Remember this post? This post is the reason. So if you your looking for young Clark Kent information, you got the wrong site, but please feel free to look around at your leasure.
Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Anybody been to this? (Postnote or the same event at another location) It sounds really cool. Email if you have, i am interested in find out what it was like. I am thinking I'll visit it this weekend myself and write up a little review.
I saw this article on my lunch hour about this Iceman in Bozan (or Bolzano), Italy. Home to a good friend of mine, Rainhard(he's the one in the blue shirt, I am wearing the red). He was kind enough to show me about when I visited this summer, even taking me to the Museum and I got to see the Iceman. If you ever ever in Bozan, I highly recommend checking it out.
Busy actually working today rather than posting, but just so you know, nothing in the news about Strom of late, anyways Day 63 of the Strom Thurmond Death Watch(TM) I hope to post later...

Monday, January 14, 2002
Justin is offering a plane ticket, very might be thinking "Where would you go?" or if you know me, you might even think you know, but you're wrong. Where then? I'm not telling, you might steal the idea. (Tell you after the contest ends)
I have heard of chewing your beer, but this is a step too far, maybe...anybody got some to try ;-)
Roy Blunt is the Majority Whip if Republicans keep the House. Just my read of the race. Besides all the other pluses he has, his team are good people and take care of the staff, and it's the little things that count.
From the logs a couple of people actually searched Google to find this blog, very cool, unless of course they were looking for bear poo when they did the search, hmmmmm.
Friday, January 11, 2002
Just was given Moderator status for the first time on /. I feel so special....ALL MUST BOW BEFORE ME! MMMUUUUHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA </Evil Laugh>, but I won't let it go to my head, promise ;-)

Have a good weekend!
Campbell was right, even the smallest of us search for meaning out of the world. I have had an interest in Campbell's work for a few years since I read the Power of Myth. If you have any interest myth, folklore, or understand how people derive meaning from life I highly recommend reading his work or watch him! Also Star Wars fans, Campbell was a major influence on you know who. But before you go reading about Campbell read the Miami Times story first, it's amazing. (Thanks to Rebecca Blood for pointing the Miami Times story out.)
blogger is running again, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
From Drudge...

On Nov. 22, 1995 President Clinton scrawled an FYI note to chief of staff Mack McLarty, enclosing a newspaper article on Enron Corp. and the vicissitudes of its $3 billion power-plant project in India.

McLarty then reached out to Enron's chairman, Ken Lay, and over the next nine months closely monitored the project with the U.S. ambassador to New Delhi, keeping Lay informed of the Administration's efforts, according to White House documents reviewed by TIME magazine.

In June 1996, four days before India granted final approval to Enron's controversial $3 billion power-plant project, Enron's gave $100,000 to President Clinton's party.

Enron denies that its gift was repayment for Clinton's attention, and White House special counsel Lanny Davis says McLarty acted out of concern for a major U.S. investment overseas, TIME's Michael Weisskopf reported.

As I pulled this up, I thought to myself, you know they do need to invesigate this and make sure the current admin didn't do anything wrong, at the same time remember they were donating to both sides and neither party has clean hands....just a little food for thought....want alittle proof?

Texas House delegation members and Enron contributions in 2000 elections (Top Contributors section)
Sheila Jackson Lee(D) $5,000
Larry Combest(R) $7,970
Tom DeLay(R) $8,400
Ken Bentsen(D) $9,500
Charles Stenholm(D) $9,639

Friday Five
1. What was your first job? Probably Scout Camp Consuler when I was 15, but if your talking real job it was a Pet Store at 16, cleaning dog cages and well cleaning dog cages, I did it for 4 months until I realized the bosses favorite little employee had been there a few years and was still making minimum wage (still $3.35), I decided it wasn't worth it.

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? High School? Jr High? Didn't really ever fall in love until later in college, so didn't pay attention until it mattered.

3. What was your first car? What happened to it? Point of personal pride, I got to thirty in the USA without owning a car. Not that I haven't thought about it, just never liked driving and living in DC you don't need a car necessarily. When I do get a car I'd love to get the old 70's Landcruiser by Toyota.

4. What was your first concert? Cheap Trick, at open air arena in by Firebird Lake in Phoenix. They had cool shirts that had on the back 2000 and inside of the three zeros -11 since it was 1989. I know sad huh?

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Golf tomorrow and lunch Sunday with an old friend who is passing through town.(hopefully, he's never on time and has to catch a plane)

Thursday, January 10, 2002
I bet your thinking to yourself "Gee, what is Thomas' favorite show?" (I know your not, but play along with me kiddies) It happens that my favorite new show is "The Ben Brown Show"! He's a media Genius! (Thanks to Derek of Fray fame. p.s. Go buy his book!)
Is it a sign of blogging addiction when you start wondering what the Friday Five will ask on Thursday mid-day?
Read Cluetrain yet? I am a bit of a fanatic on the issue and think the ideas are right on....I even subscribe to the listserve and if you listen you might just learn something. (Why do I suddenly feel like Bill Cosby on the old Fat Albert show?)
Hate those pop-up ads, you know the ones, X10 camera and all that crap. Well this site shows you an opt out for them, not all of them work for me, but it may have a conflict with IE 6.0 since I have played with the P3P settings. But if you are sick of those ads go check it out (Thanks to webgrrlie and welcome to the DC Bloggers!)
Wednesday, January 09, 2002
Just when you think the web is a total waste of time you find something like this....(thanks to Anthill)

Serious Journalist *snicker*
Slip, Sliding Away!
Another wonderful morning in DC, no snow, as usual, but plenty of Ice Capades, and yes just for the record I DID fall on my ass on the way to the Metro.
Tuesday, January 08, 2002
Need to draft a bio (no, not for here), going to make public the rough draft...comments, ideas email to me
J. Thomas Vincent currently resides in Arlington, Virginia. He has been acused of living in numerous states across the United States, but if hard pressed the most likely response will involve Northern Arizona. His driving interests are technology and politics and the communication between those worlds. In addition since the Berlin Wall came down he has had a continuing passion for Trans-Atlantic relations.

He studied at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona, earning a Bachalor of Arts in International Affairs with a Minor in German. His interest in German was strong enough to warrent a semester of study in Tuebingen Germany. After completing his studies, Thomas interned for Representative John Shadegg and then spent 4 years on Capitol Hill working for House of Representatives Majority Whip Tom DeLay.

Thomas has always had friends who worked in technology, but noted that they didn't speak in the same terms as politics did and this became more obvious of his time on the Hill. After four years he decided to move on and try to better understand the language that tech companies speak and in the long term improve communication between the two worlds. Currently Thomas is a Program Manager for ITAA's Internet Content and Communications division. He manages the association's privacy program, in such industry standard efforts as P3P. He also started their Global Access program an effort to help the small and mediium companies participate more effectively in the Global Market. He also oversees the ehealth and tech law programs.

He is confortable in a number of computer envirnoments from Windows to Mac OS to Unix. He designs the occasional website. He speaks fluent English, and pretty good German and Californian, has been known to also pass as a New Yorker or Texan when necessary.
I tell you it's the end of the world!
Say it ain't so Dave! One of the few fast food places I still occasionally go to....I wonder if Strom ever goes to Wendy's? Day 56 of the Strom Thurmond Death Watch(TM)
Monday, January 07, 2002
From Today's Tech Daily PM "Cary Sherman, senior executive vice president and general counsel for the Recording Industry Association of America, said instead that recording labels "need to aggregate as much content as possible to bring consumers in."" Aggregate content, does that mean be a monopoly, I some how suspect so...
Earlier today I said Ocean's 11 wasn't bad, notice I didn't say it was very good. I basically felt it was a minor level tribute to the Old Brat Pack trying to play cool, but not much else. I mostly agree with Harry's review, with the exception of his comments of Mamet's The Heist, because it was the worst Mamet picture in my memory.
I know what your thinking, but no it's not Strom. Day 55 of the Strom Thurmond Death Watch(TM)
I really need to get up and running, before he's in jail.
Well, I am back in the office so rather than work, let's do something real important and catch up on the Friday Five from last week. :-)

1. You've just won a complete collection of movies starring one actor - what actor would you pick? Ethan Hawke, I always have enjoyed his films and I own none of them. Well then again, maybe all the Humphrey Bogart
2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Ocean's 11, surprisingly it wasn't bad.
3. What was the last video or DVD that you bought? Scary Movie for my Brother as a gift...I don't buy movies.
4. What movie could you watch over and over again and not get sick of? Casablanca
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I went and hit golf balls at the range Saturday, I did the docent thing Sunday. Since I hadn't been back in town long it was good to have a quiet weekend.
Tuesday, January 01, 2002
Happy New Year!

Have a good one, so did I, I have been busy in the Wilds of Northern Arizona, with an unconsistant internet access and not alot of time nor effort to blog....but I should be back to my usual madness soon.

I hope your New Year was a good one. I pondered posting resolutions, but it seemed silly since no one ever keeps them. So in reverse logic and from an idea posted by the punk princess I have decided to post resolutions that I intend to fail at.

New Years Resolutions at Bear Droppings...
Stop picking on serious journalists
Stop picking on Strom
Stop sarcasim on the site

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