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Monday, July 08, 2002
Things I learned this weekend...
Long weekend and I learned alot, well if I remember the lessons of this weekend.

Lesson #1 - In summer in DC, always make a tee time reservation. Otherwise you spend a good chunk of time sitting on your butt!

Lesson #2 - On the golf cart follow directions It says on the little sign keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times...they are not kidding folks, it's necessary. Take it from me, AKA The Gimp.

Lesson #3 - While eating Sea Urchin Roe may impress your sushi chef, it still tastes like poo! Bad side of being willing to try new and different things, sometime you find the most disgusting foods on earth.

I hope everyone elses weekend was fun I spent way too much time indoors due to nasty twisted ankle while on the golf course Friday afternoon. I did eventually hobble out to Nouveau East for sushi. It has a good staff and great eats, although a little pricey. I highly recommend the Oily Tuna and I highly recommend you avoid Sea Urchin Roe.
PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.27
1. Have you had to repair anything lately? Did you do it yourself or have someone else do it?
Watches, I used to work in a watch repair shop and working with the little gizmos is kinda fun for me, so I do the odd repair work for people, mostly just replacing batteries, but I am working my way up to a full repair bench eventually.

2. Do you work out or exercise? Or is there anything you do each day for your health? I work out at the gym about 3 times a week. Otherwise I do take a multivitamin, otherwise I don't pay too much attention to such things, I'd rather just enjoy life...

3. Are you a modest person? That is, would you be embarrassed for someone (an acquaintance, a friend, a stranger) to see you nude? What are you implying? Trying for a little blackmail, eh? The only thing you will get with those pictures is people screaming and running away in horror, ummm not that there are pictures or anything. Ummmm nice weather we have been having no?

4. Some smells that I just can not stand are bags of grass clippings that have sat in the hot sun for a few days, burned hair and vomit (although, thankfully, I have not had to smell them all at the same time). What are some odors that you just can not stand to smell? Air conditioning, I get sick out it all the time, the certain ozone smell or something...I just wish I lived in a climate where it wasn't really necessary.

5. Are there any social situations that make you uncomfortable? Answering dumb questions in public...(kidding)

6. Has a friend or an employer ever asked you to do something you felt was unethical or? What was it and what happened? Nope, not that I can think of...besides I burned the tapes.

7. (continued) Well, we are not yet at our destination, though the way you described it, it sounds simply amazing. What is the first thing we should do once we get there? After a long trans-atlantic flight take a day or two adjust to the time difference before we hit the road for travels. Although I try to land near a city I like so I can get comfortable before facing the unknown.

BONUS: In this whole world, what is fair? My immediate response to this word is my family's rote response "Life is not fair, get over it" but since you want to know what is fair rather than asking if "Is Life fair?", I pondered it a bit more.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary...
Main Entry: fair
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English fager, fair, from Old English fæger; akin to Old High German fagar beautiful
Date: before 12th century
1 : pleasing to the eye or mind especially because of fresh, charming, or flawless quality
2 : superficially pleasing : SPECIOUS (she trusted his fair promises)
3 a : CLEAN, PURE (fair sparkling water) b : CLEAR, LEGIBLE
4 : not stormy or foul : FINE (fair weather)
5 : AMPLE (a fair estate)
6 a : marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism (a very fair person to do business with) b (1) : conforming with the established rules : ALLOWED (2) : consonant with merit or importance : DUE (a fair share) c : open to legitimate pursuit, attack, or ridicule (fair game)
7 a : PROMISING, LIKELY (in a fair way to win) b : favorable to a ship's course (a fair wind)
8 archaic : free of obstacles
9 : not dark : BLOND
10 : sufficient but not ample : ADEQUATE (a fair understanding of the work)
11 : being such to the utmost : UTTER (a fair treat to watch him -- New Republic)

So really to use it as a term of justice is a late or more modern usage not really related to it's orginal purpose. So now you know what is fair.

Friday Five
Okay, so it's Monday, but I have a busy morning so later I'll tell all about the weekend.

1. Where are you right now? Work

2. What have you lost recently? My swing, I think I need Bagger Vance's help.

3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? That's an easy one, The Miracle by Queen bought hmmm about 13 years ago last Wednesday. I got a CD player for my birthday that year and went out and bought that CD, it was high on the charts at the time. I still have it somewhere, I should give it a listen, it's a good album.

4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? Since I am left-handed any pen that the ink dries very quickly, which generally means it's a very fine point. Other than that I don't care.

5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Really rich Vanilla like a French Vanilla either homemade or custard. Yum in fact I have been having a craving for it for the last two weeks.
Wednesday, July 03, 2002
My brother pointed out this site, it a nice memorial for Officers Chestnut and Gibson who died on July 24th, 1998. While I didn't know Officer Chestnut all that well, I did know John Gibson. He had a great sense of humor and if not for his sacrifice many of my friends and coworkers would not be alive today. People throw around the term hero a lot but in his case it was true.
Two for Tuesday, but Wait this is Wednesday
Regardless I checked my inbox this morning and found an email with a poem from the fire in Arizona, so we have two poems this week.

Jim Littlepage, Fire Chief of Forest Lakes Fire District, wrote a poem the
morning after the threat to his community had passed. His reference in
the poem to the "Devils Hand" refers to the topography of the rim country
immediately east of the community of Forest Lakes, an extremely
complicated and difficult community to protect from fire. The poem goes
as follows:


Marching in groups, tools in hand.
Trucks and dozers across the land.
Birds and planes fill the sky.
Today's the day, fire, time to die.

Command group here, plans are made.
Support is ready, the tracks are laid.
Take it to the enemy in the Devil's hand.
All are ready to protect this land.

All working as a team, hand in hand.
Our mission to protect America's land.
Our goal to battle this man made hell.
All to succeed, our story to tell.

Blazing trees, smoke filled sky.
Take it to the Devil, time to die.
At the days end you will pass the test.
God is with you, you will be blessed.

Poetry Wednesday
One of my favorite songs...

If I woke up one morning with my memory gone,
I'd pick out some clothes and I'd put them on,
And walk down the street, and find a cafe,
I'd order a Guinness, and I'd sit there all day.
Then some kids would come in and start a fuss
About how great their weekend in New Orleans was
Then I'd look down and smile, like their tale was my own,
And I'd open my eyes, and I'd know I was home,
Where my friends are, even when I'm not.
I wish you were here.
And then it would rain, like it sometimes does,
If we were bored that wouldn't bother us.
We'd just get in the car and drive though the night,
And get lost in East Texas, but no one would mind
Because we'd find our way home, like we always do.
Funny how the time flies in our youth,
But with darkness approaching, we'll all grow close
In the place we'll call heaven
But for now, we'll just call it home
Where my friends are, even when I'm not.
I wish you were here.
I'll see you-- at home.
Just in my case replace New Orleans with Laughlin and East Texas with Northern Arizona and then it fits. The song is by Deep Blue Something.
Tuesday, July 02, 2002
A musicans view on mp3s and music sales, well worth the read. I don't think I had heard of Janis Ian before today, but suddenly I have the urge to go buy an album or three of her music. We need to support Artists like this who are willing to speak out. (Thanks Derek)
Jen's What's Worse...
Since the comments section on blogger is out to lunch...

What's worse?
Having to take a youngun to a bad kiddy movie, because taking your gf to a chick flick wins you points and lead to a fun night afterwards. (There is a Catholic priest joke in there but I just won't make it)

Getting sick on vacation, you can always take time off work and they have to pay you...vacation is your time.

Getting caught by your parents having sex or catching your parents having sex....let's move on to the next one.

Toothpaste and then orange juice or toothpaste and then red wine - OJ because it ain't got that zing.

Getting stung once by a bee or being bit 10 times by mosquitos, mosquoitos, one sting you can ignore 10 little stings that you ned to scratch will drive you mad.

wet bathing suit full of sand then sitting in a hot car or getting caught in the rain and having to sit in arctic air conditioning. Bathing suit....the smell of buring flesh is sick...

Running out of toliet paper or having your snack bar shut-down Running out of toilet paper no doubt.

Fun IM conversations...

A friend, let's call her B: I am dying of restlessness
Thomas: are you?
Thomas: well don't go outside it's ugly
B: i can't, i'm at work anyways
Thomas: I got out of work most of the morning, but I think I am actually going to have to get things done today
Thomas: ready for darts tonight?
B: i was. i'm in a bad mood now. kind of sucks.
B: I am so tempted to go home early
Thomas: do I hear that cold that has been going around in your voice ;-)
B: heh
B: god, i'm so tempted
B: but i can't
Thomas: why not?
B: i'm already in enough trouble at work
B: this guy is kicking my ass in dominoes, man
Thomas: heh
Thomas: enough trouble at work and boy is this guy kicking my butt at dominoes
Thomas: hahahahahahaahah
B: oh, shush, there's no one around

and someone wonders why they are in trouble at work?
Summer in the City and the Return of Fantasy Football
So I had to run an errand and made my way up to the Capitol and all the signs point to the fact that it's summer season in DC.

Robocop was chewing out some poor intern over jaywalking a light at a closed intersection.

The interns are out in force, damn I am getting old.

You can tell it's an out of session week, because staffers are dressed in casual clothes, and will stop and chat with you rather than a quick nod and perhaps passing "Let's have lunch next week"

The tourists are in force, get over to the right side of the escalator before I kill ya!

The air has become that unique mixture of petroleum, swamp, and oven blast furnace.

The last sign of summer, Fantasy Football draft magazines have hit the newsstand. The countdown begins until the beginning of football. While yes this does sound a tad obsessive two months out remember this the month of August is generally shot to hell for Fantasy League planning so you need to roughly set it up in the next month, especially considering the season is starting Thursday, September 5th, rather than the normal Friday or Saturday afternoon draft before the season starts. My intention is to play in an Arizona League and a DC League, the DC league will be the tough one though because the usual Commisioner is working an election campaign and while he has committed to playing, I may have to organize the league this year....always a thanksless task. Interested in either league let me know.
From the Arizona Republic:
A taxiing America West Airlines flight was recalled to its Miami gate Monday and its two pilots arrested on charges of operating an airplane while intoxicated.
And there are people in this country that want to give the pilots guns? I have no problem with legal gun ownership, but flying a plane is not the time to have guns around. For this and many other good reasons.

Monday, July 01, 2002
Thomas is...
My name is really too common for this but I did it anyways. I put "Thomas is" into Google and came up with the following results (from Allura):

Thomas is an edited and abridged form of the Lukan version.
Thomas is directly dependent not on the four canonical Gospels, but on some conflation of them that had already been composed in Greek.
Thomas is fully aware of his condition, he shows a courage and resilience that is not often found in anyone.
Thomas is an attractive, residential community with outstanding schools and city government.
Thomas is the third generation of his family to follow an artistic career.
Thomas Is New CEO
Thomas is bolder, confident - outside court
Thomas is on his game, taking balls and pulverizing strikes, there are few more dangerous hitters in the game.
Thomas is widely regarded as a major poet
Thomas is a popular star.
Thomas is probably best treated as a climber and contained on a wall, fence, or pillar.
Thomas is gonna stop confounding with his whimsy?
Thomas is renovated and occupied.
Thomas is indeed a treasure discovery for travelers
Thomas is reading him aloud, slowly, hitting every vowel and consonant, and worrying about what it all means later.
Thomas is a merchandising phenomenon that includes small wooden train sets, video tapes, books, clothing, and even a web site.
Thomas is moving!
Thomas is usually associated with a sacramental cup
Thomas is quick, sure, and provides the satisfaction of knowing you've selected the perfect gift item that will be forever memorable.
Thomas is Happening
Thomas is Arthur C. Clarke's Technical Advisor.
Thomas is America's most widely syndicated op-ed columnist. (Well not quite yet)
Thomas is one of the most talented and influential artist's in the acoustic music business today.
Thomas is also Registered Pharmacist; a Psychologist; a teacher of cardiopulmonary pharmacology and alternative medicines; an alcohol and drug abuse counselor; an author; an actor; a gallery artist; a music director and record producer, a Ph.D. in Music, and one of the finest singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarists in the world.
Thomas is another catchy blues tune that sticks with you long after the performance ends.
Thomas is a private institution committed to the liberal arts and to the religious, ethical and intellectual traditions.
Thomas is blues
Thomas is the one who is least generally known.
Thomas is Dead.
Thomas is in desperate need of help.
Thomas is UH’s secret weapon.
Thomas is no stranger to the David and Goliath challenge ahead.
Thomas is involved in gambling.
Thomas is made up of 114 sayings with no narrative framework
Thomas is a man and a myth
Thomas is misunderstood
Thomas is on his way
My boss is out of the office, it's very quiet because of the short week, so what did I just do....update my Blogroll. Off to accomplish some resembling work.
Monday Mission 2.26
1. In the United States of America, it was recently ruled that the phrase "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. Do you agree with this ruling? Should the phrase "under God" be removed? Why?
I go back and forth on this issue. At school growing up no one was ever forced to say it if they didn't want to make the pledge and there was no pressure. At the same time I realize the phrase was added to the pledge later. Honestly I think it's people obsessing over small issues which don't really matter. A game far too often played in America than confronting issues that matter.

2. When was the last time you took a road trip? Where did you go and what did you do? Probably last summer a buddy and I drove from New York to Maine for the weekend and met a bunch of friends at his parents house on the ocean. It's a great place and we are discussing going up again next month.

3. Do you have any vacations planned for this summer? Already gone? Where to and what? I will probably get away for a week in August, as much as I'd love it to be Europe, I dunno I suspect it will be elsewhere either Oregon or Arizona.

4. What is the most drastic change to your appearance that you have ever made? Are you brave enough to post a photo? The most drastic change to my appearance that I made was growing a beard and I walk around with it everday, I ponder shaving it off in the heat of the summer, but since I have had it almost 3 years I'll probably just leave it.

5. Tell me about something to which you are committed? My friends.

6. Now tell me about something you just flat-out gave up on. Working at an embassy, I had a real interest when I was younger, but I don't think I'd really want to now. I don't even mean it for safety reasons, rather that I know so many folks who have gone through the process, know enough folks who work for State and I don't think it would be an environment I would enjoy. Perhaps it's unfair assessment since I am on the outside, but that is how I feel about it anymore.

7. (new saga) I've had it, this place is just wearing me out. You too? We need a break! Let's head out and go someplace new. You make the plans, I'll get things ready. So what do you have it mind, and did you want me to pick up anything special to pack for the trip? Pack light, no more than a backpack it's summer time to wander through Europe through the hostels and enjoy the travels. Oh yeah except I need to renew my passport.

BONUS: Where is my hairbrush? Go see the man with the Afro, I think he borrowed it.

Radio and Stale Leftovers
Have you noticed something happening increasingly in the radio industry, stale leftovers. I mean by that rebroadcasting old clips of the a program as a "Best of", which is often ridiculous because of the low quality of the programs to begin with. I don't even mean to slam a specific radio show by this statement, because I have noticed alot of stations doing it. I understand what I think the radio station think they gain by hosting such programs, such as no extra staffing requirements, no playing with the schedule, but I think they don't understand what they lose when they do such programming. For instance generally when the morning or evening host goes on vacation another senior DJ or a young up and coming DJ would play this time slot, it gave the DJ better exposure for their own show, as well making them stretch and grow their talents. At the same time in that new open spot one of the low level staffers who had an interest in being a DJ was the chance to get their feet wet and gain alittle on air experience. All and all it never seemed to cost the station that much and when they did it provided a great learning opportunity. And to be perfectly frank with some programs like the Jack Diamond show, I think the shows overall quality improved, okay I did make a specific dig, sorry. We listen to the radio for a human dimension while trying to wake up on a Monday morning, not to listen to a bunch of reruns, if I want want reruns I'll watch network television.
Saturday, June 29, 2002
Weblog panel
Yesterday The Idler presented their panel at the National Press Club "Inside the Blogsphere: The Weblog Phenomenon". While it was disappointing that there were alot of last minute cancellations, which had a definite impact on the discussion, the Bloggers in the audience seemed to balance out the experience and make for a thoughtful event.

The speakers were:
Dennis Loy Johnson,
Doug McLennan,
James Taranto, "Best of the Web,"
John Hiler, Microcontent News
Johsua Micah Marshall,
Alice Goldfarb Marquis,

The panel did discuss a lot of points in the previous discussion at AFF, but I think the Idler event was not adorned by this notion that blogs are only to be used by journalists and pundits. The panelists and audience made it clear that this was a personal experience and that personal passion drove this medium.

There were certain words that seemed to resonant throughout the panel. Words like conversation and passion came up over and over again instilling that there is dissatisfaction with the mainstream media. For it's very passionless view of the world, that while American press works toward an idealized "veil of objectivity" that leaves them sounding very bland in form. Also that modern media has a very broadcast only tone and that blogs open writers (of all kinds) to more of a conversation element in their work.

Some of the more traditional media in the audience seemed to be bothered by the fact that there is no "permission to speak" required to post to weblogs. I found the point of view amusing because of their own dependence on the first amendment to protect their own right to speak without permission. The traditional media also had concerns over people publishing hate material and the like, and what is to prevent people from taking such material as the truth. Bloggers countered with the idea that the market place of ideas would win out. Bad sources of information would be ignored or chastised for their errors. That techniques such as googlebombs potentially help protect the ignorant. But ultimately, from the bloggers perspective it's up to the reader to have a critical perspective. As James Taranto noted just because a book is in print doesn't make it true either giving the example of the book released in France claiming September 11th was a government plot.

If there was a major disappointment on the program besides the no shows, it would be that there were no true 'old school' bloggers as Mike noted to me. For while John Hiler has gained a lot of exposure in his blogging, he would be the first to admit he has only been doing this for a few months. Likewise while James Taranto has had a long history with computers and technology, he came to the panel with more of a traditional media perspective. Perhaps having someone who has been doing this for a number of years before the tools were mainstream would have added another dimension to the panel.

The program had it's flaws, but like a weblog they were plainly evident, perhaps that is why it made the frank discussion during the question and answer session was more valuable than the presentations themselves, akin to the comments section on a blog.

Other thoughts on the panel
Mike's view
TLeeve's view
Corante Bottomline's view
Combustible Boy's view w/pictures

PS - Did anyone ever discover why Josh Marshall didn't make the panel? Did he just skip out of the event or was there a problem? I can understand plane trouble from the other participants, but not attending as a speaker without explanation is bad form, especially from someone local.

PPS - The reason I mention very little of John Hiler's prepared remarks is I arrived late.

A minor correction: Mr. Hiler, heh (sorry panel joke) makes a correction or two, while he has only been blogging for a few months for Microcontent, he was blogging before that.
Friday, June 28, 2002
Clear Channel Communications Inc.the nation's leading radio broadcaster, defended its business practices Thursday, saying it had no accounting issues or irregularities.
You know I think I agree with this report, because payola, music play lists, and monoploy tendencies, excuse me market share leader...are just a normal day at the office for them.
Damn, maybe I should just stay at work Lileks and the Professor will both miss today's panel.
Expect the normal insanity of postings here at Bear Droppings until Noonish when I am off to the Blogging event at the Press Club.
This site has some great background material on the fires in the Southwest. Although they list the fire at 409,000 acres, I have heard that is yesterday's numbers and the current number is closer to 417,000, but I don't have outside confirmation. The Daily Sun has some good coverage and even better photos the most telling perhaps the picture of the prescribed burn area and how that helped control the fire. The Desert Pundit is asked a question on why the Arizona Republic has not mentioned how much of tribal forest land was burn and the resulting economic impact, while the Repulsive is ducking this story the Daily Sun has noticed it.
Finally the fire quote of the day is from a friend who reports the following
One of our firefighters just came back last night (after being switched out with another one of ours)"Try to imagine flames 200 ft high coming straight at you, embers falling on you, and propane tanks landing like hail around you"
And this guy spent the last week working 18-20 hours a day, so be sure to give these guys thanks if you get the chance.
Thursday, June 27, 2002
All I can say from last night is Hookahpundit see BeingJenRaj later for more details...too much work this morning check back this afternoon.
Wednesday, June 26, 2002
How hot is the fire in Arizona?

Hot enough to melt a road? Yes

Hot enough to melt a car? Yes

How about a group of cars? Yes

They are starting to contain it, but it's a long ways from over. (Thanks to Tastes Like Chicken for the car picture)

My newest favorite blog, why the PoohPundit of course, he is "The New York Times of the bearbloggers".
You know I think I like Crookdimwit's Cliff Notes posting style more than his regular posts. (Just kidding Matt)
Poetry Wednesday
For Poetry Wednesday I wanted a poem to remind people of the firefighters working so hard out in Arizona, this isn't quite right, but considering what the weather is like in DC today, I suppose it will due.

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. - Robert Frost

Tuesday, June 25, 2002
Lunchtime Thoughts
I am downstairs grabbing lunch and noticing there is no place to sit. I think for a minute and decide to sit outside if it's not too bad. So while it is hot, humid, and you are basically breath pure smog, once I sat in the shade it wasn't really all that terrible. Especially with a bit of Jazz from the deli and the breeze occasionally sneaking around the corner. So I am feeling very good about myself as I eat my salad (at least until I decide it needs some company like a bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups later on).

Pondering lifes ponderables, okay so another year ring in the tree is just about due, another round of mortality, and the age old question of humanity facing me, no not the question about the dryer and the missing sock. The other question so what the hell am I doing? In a funny way I am starting to find the answer, as I started thinking about tech and politics and how they interrelate, I do understand it alot more than I did three years ago when I got started. I even have gotten my blog going and while I am not the Professor, I have been pleased with where it has gone so far. But the more I follow the more I figure out I need to learn, I officially am part of the Small Pieces blog, but it's like a graduate degree course on philosophy, not that I am complaining, I enjoy it, but it makes have material to post all the more challenging, because I can't really post drivel like this there.

Thinking too much I suppose, old bad habit. But I am trying to set my next steps, which entail furthering my education, a decent paycheck, and global domination a little happiness. What order is the next question....we shall see, all of this was formed thinking about a friend's simple question in a recent email. I haven't seen them in a while and we have been out of touch. He asked how I am doing.

I think I'll just say I am fine, not great, but learning along the way. And perhaps a more detailed answer is on file with the building supervisor's office here at Bear Droppings.
Government Efficiency
As many of you know, I used to work for the government. When I left I told the new system admin give my account 2-3 months then pull the account and I set all my email to automatically forward to my Yahoo email address. In August, I have been working my new job for nearly 2 years and yet I still get email occasional from that account, for the first year it was event and coalition emails, now a days most folks have cleaned their lists, so it's sale announcements and the odd business group.

By the way Land's End has a big summer sale evidently...(yes the account is still running...I'd tell them to fix it, but I just am amazed and wonder how long it will continue)
But sometimes that's just the way the Jell-O judicates. Don't expect me explain, go see Jim Treacher.
Please be sure to rewind your DVD...
Nothing like some monumental cluelessness to start off the day, enjoy. (From MiFi)
Update from Arizona
330,000 acres by 11 p.m. Monday. That's 517 square miles -- an area bigger than Los Angeles. At least 375 homes destroyed, but none destroyed Monday.
That's right folks, bigger than L.A. and while they have had some success protecting Show Low so far they still have no containment. The Daily Sun also has an interesting Editorial on stopping the finger pointing and fixing the forests.
Monday, June 24, 2002
So I told you I am participating in the Blogathon, but something has come up, a buddy of mine is having a party in New York that same day, so I got to thinking, I know he has a wireless access and a cable modem at his place. He emailed me saying I could use his machine, so guess what I am pondering...Live from New York it's Bear Droppings
There are plenty of internet cafes in New York and wireless access ports. And the city never sleeps...I am seriously pondering this, what do you think?
John Ellis has a great column over at Fast Company on why Yahoo has seriously screwed up. Well worth the read.

He also mentions the following on his blog, which is very relevent to my friends and readers who use hotmail.
If you are someone who has a Microsoft "Hotmail" e-mail account, you may not be aware that Microsoft is "sharing" your personal profile data. If you would like Microsoft not to share your personal profile data, take the following steps:

1. Go to your Hotmail Account.
2. Click on "Options," which is on the menu bar above your incoming email messages.
3. Click on "Personal Profile."
4. Scroll to the bottom and you will see that MSN has added two new boxes, pre-checked, that allow your personal info to be shared.
5. Uncheck them and click on update at the bottom.

I have been meaning to point this out, but never got around to it, Rapmaster and JenRaj take my write up of the AFF panel and the issue of blogging and it's meaning to a whole 'nother level, so check it out.
Monday Mission 2.25
1. Do you wear glasses/contact lenses? If so would you consider going through Lasik surgery? I don't currently wear glasses, never have needed them, but I have noticed my eyes getting worse, partly due to age and partly due to working at a computer all day so it will probably only be a matter of time. In regards of Lasik, I don't know if I ever would, a buddy of mine had it done and loved the results, though his wife got sick of him always bragging about his vision afterwards. After thought, I read Cunning Prose and she reminded me of my only real concern about Lasik is we don't really know the long-term effects as of yet, do we?
2. Did you ever have to wear braces? How are your teeth? I never had a need for braces and only a few minor fillings over the years, now a days my teeth are stained due to smoking and coffee.

3. What (if any) recent movies have moved you emotionally? Which one and how so? I was going to say no, but after some thought I realized I was wrong, I saw Say Anything the other day scenes reminded me of different moments in my life.

4. I visited my dear Mema in the managed care facility Sunday and while she is doing well, I was sad for her. Living out your final days/years someplace like that seems so lonely to me. Would you rather live the remainder of your golden years in a rest home, or pass away before it came to that? Die before it comes to that and with my family history that is likely what will transpire, heart attack quick and simple, in my sleep I hope.

5. Sometimes, but not nearly often enough, I will just stop and marvel at the amazing planet on which we live. The eco-system, life and death, nature, the perfect balance that keeps us alive, the universe, it can all be mind-boggling if you let your mind get carried away. What natural creation or phenomenon just flat-out leaves you with a sense of wonder? So many things, here's a few...
Love, that instant click.
The fact that we have enough information to destroy all life, but do we have wisdom to save ourselves?
Suicide bombers, what drives people to think that act will benefit a political agenda.
The Internet, the power of publishing it puts into peoples hands.
The Constitution, for all it's flaws, it's a rather unique document.

6. Have you ever been in a fist fight or a situation where you had to get physically violent with someone else? How did that come about? Any consequences? Only on a few rare occasions the last one was probably high school, someone had been trying to push my buttons and did it one last time when I was walking out of class one day, I had enough of it, I turned, grabbed him by his shirt slammed him against the door and said stop. He did.

7. Many times I look back in hindsight and think of how I should have handled a situation. Are there any recent happenings that you wish you would have handled differently? What happened and what do you wish you'd done? I don't know, not much of a point to such thoughts, I tend to be a hate my mistakes, but I try to learn from them, no point to dwelling on them.

BONUS: How far away can you go, and still be dancing with me? As long as we see that same moon rising in the night sky, there will always be enough room in the world to dance together. Even continents away carrying the music along in our hearts, in our souls...

One interesting story in the Wall Street Journal this morning is on the black market for Kinder chocolate. (I'd give a link to the story, but it's a pay per view site and I don't have account with them, so you will have to find a copy on your own) Basically there is a thriving market for these chocolates via the internet and people are asking them to be shipped into the states. Why would a chocolate be illegal? Well these eggs have a chocolate outer core and then inside the egg a little toy, the toys are too small and children could choke on them so the government wants to protect you from being an idiot so they won't let these eggs be sold in America. It's sad too because the chocolate is pretty tasty, I get them once or twice a year when friends bring them over from Europe. The toys are very cool, not unlike Cracker Jack toys. In fact, I think it's time to email a friend who is over in Germany right now and order contraband....anyone want some chocolate?
Rodeo Fire
The national press is starting to give coverage to the Rodeo fire out in Arizona, but I got to wondering, how it compared to the Hyman fire in Colorado. The current Forest Service estimate is the Hyman fire is 137,000 acres, while the Rodeo fire has burned 300,000 acres so more than double the size. The Forest Service has some pictures of the fire here. I was in contact with a friend works for a Arizona fire department that had sent people to the fire and he had heard the following from a professional fire fighter who has been doing this for 10 years or so
"It's incredible, I've never seen anything like this."
He had another quote from someone who has
been fighting forest fires for 20 plus years.
"The fire kicked our butts today"
His own personal opinion on the matter was "They are screwed". So the basic facts are the fire isn't contained and it may not be anytime soon. The Arizona Republic has a lot of coverage available on the their website.

POSTSCRIPT: Desert Pundit discusses the fire as well and some of it's economic impact.

Friday, June 21, 2002
120,000 acres on fire in Arizona, take care people and stay out of the way, two-three weeks until monsoon hits and it's going to be a long summer. On one level it breaks my heart, on another I know it is the natural process in the forest and will promote future growth, like the fire in the 20's promoted growth around Flagstaff. Just be careful out there...I want a state to return to..
Do Bloggers Merge?
If you have read Less than Zero, an 80's cult hit movie, the book early in the first or second chapter quotes a central theme "People don't merge in L.A." which for all the layers implied basically meant people and especially in L.A. were to self-absorbed from the rest of the world. What does this really have to do with the topic of the post, very little, or perhaps more than I think.

Do bloggers merge? Well in DC the truth is we know it is happening, as Scully and Nisa prove. I have been waiting until they posted before I published, so they could have first honors at making a public declaration. But it leaves me pondering deep, deep questions and wonder how they will deal with this new relationship together. Nisa Rant and Terrapin Gardens, when they merge will it be Terrapin Rant or Nisa Gardens? Or even perhaps Nisa Rants@Gardens? These questions will have to be answered, but in the interim while they work these details out, I say congratulations to you both and wish you all the happiness in the world.
Eve has her take on the AFF Blogging event I mentioned earlier...(She has a great plug for Dave's site!)
Friday Five (.org)
1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?
I live in a small house.

2. Do you rent or own? I rent, but the owner lives in the house as well, which really works out well because that way if the plumbing has an issue or there is some other household trouble, he solves it quickly since it effects him as much as me.

3. Does anyone else live with you? The owner of the house and one other roommate, I have remained there for alittle while, but the other roommate tends to cycle, I have seen 6 in my 3-4 years here.

4. How many times have you moved in your life? 12-13 times but that is only counting most of my time in Flagstaff as one move, if I count all the little moves while living there I would probably go over 20.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? Atomic tonight, a conference tomorrow followed by a party, and maybe alittle golf on Sunday.
Thursday, June 20, 2002
More on NPR's link policy from Cory Doctorow, he's alittle harsh, but I like it.
Happy Birthday Beatriz
Wednesday, June 19, 2002
AFF Blogger Event
They presented a great event, filled with strong views, knowledgeable speakers, and a fun attitude. How fun? I have never been to a speakers panel before where in the middle of the event a six packs of beer wear passed through the crowd, it made for a very laid back and congenial attitude, definitely a hit.

Attendees were a mixed crowd from around town. Among the bloggers I did see Heather Hosford, Jen Rajkowski, and Alex Singleton. (Plus I am sure I missed a couple more)

The speakers did a great job. Stan Evans was the Admiral Stockdale of the meeting, but was surprisingly open about not dismissing blogging out of hand and seemed to be open to it's potential, especially considering he didn't really know much about it. Joshua Micah Marshal was interesting to see and hear live, I have been a critic of his blog in the past so it was a little weird to see him on a panel and agree with most everything he said. Eve Tushnet gave a common blogger on the street perspective and did a great job conveying it. She tried to make the audience understand, that blogging wasn't just about political reporting, but about talking about your life as well. Noah Shachtman who recently wrote a piece on blogging for Wired News, so he had an understanding of mainstream journalism and blogging that made for interesting perspective. Gene Healy moderated the panel and had his hands full between the panel and the audience.

My impression was that the audience didn't understand the difference between political activism, journalism, and blogging, while they can be interrelated, they are not necessarily dependant on each other. Some of panel and many of the audience, including some bloggers, for all their education and experience did not understand blogs and what they truly are. No offense intended, in case any attendees read this, but they saw this only as a tool of communication between political elites and the masses. It is far more fundamental, it truly is the first amendment realized, when I say the first amendment I mean freedom of the press and speech. When I was in school I was taught freedom of the press only applied if you were wealthy enough to afford a press, now everyone can be their own press.

There was almost this attitude in the audience of "why would one bother to publish, if one wasn't discussing politics" and while I can appreciate that point of view, I have been online long enough to understand the web isn't just about politics. While it's important and have their place, it's not most folks number one interest. But if that were the case, 90% of the topics on the web would have been left unexplored. People get online to discuss their passions be it their cats, finding or losing their loves, or having their floors refinished. I think that was a critical point that most folks missed. We get online and can follow our love, what amazes us.

The event really didn't give enough recognition of bloggers as reporters of real life stories, for example Tal G in Jerusalem or Instapundit having a live report from a blackberry pager near the Colorado fire. As this blogging movement hits the mainstream events like bloggers in NYC telling their events on September 11th will more often become the norm rather than the exception. It remained true at this panel for while there were a decent number of bloggers in the crowd, they still remained the minority. (Postscript: Gene Healy mentions Eve covering this point in her talk, but I still didn't think it was given enough credit.)

Also these people seemed to come from a very broadcast media perspective and they didn't understand the network effect. That while an average person discussing their cat may only get 30-40 hits a day, if a major event occurs around them and they report it perhaps five of their regular readers who like cats may tell their readers and so on until they hit a major internet celebrity who may distribute the story to 20 to 30 thousand readers.

One last thing, to the regard what about the personal side stuff like Andrew Sullivan discussing his dogs. That was dismissed by some, but that is real, that is life. It actually makes the reading more interesting, for example a friend and I chat all the time about what drugs a certain blogger must be on to be so happy every freaking day. That is the way people talk, not like a magazine article or a tv commercial, it's our voice and we are using it. Get used to it. And if you don't like reading it as Josh Marshall suggested, no one is making you read it, go else where.
I'm off to America's Future Foundation Blogging event. Have a good evening.
NPR is living in the pre Web world, they want permission to link to them
Linking to or framing of any material on this site without the prior written consent of NPR is prohibited.

Please use this form to request permission to link to and its related sites.
Oh I am linking, oh I am linking without permission, what are you going to do to me, take away my totebag? (That last comment stolen from Boing Boing) Come on guys wake up to the web. This is just silly.
24 Hour Blogathon
I heard about the blogathon concept last year and thought it was a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a blog at the time. But this year I do, so I just signed up. What is a blogathon you might ask? On July 27th starting at noon I am going to blog for 24 hours straight, every 30 minutes. Sound crazy, sound insane? Well yes it probably is, but it is for a good cause, because you drum up sponsors and then if you survive they give the cash to a charity. My charity is Vital Ground. They do great work supporting bear habitat, I'll talk more about them in the upcoming days.

Oh, one last thing, go to the blogathon and sign up as a sponsor for me!

POSTSCRIPT: Thanks for sponsoring me brother
The Professor has a first hand account of the fire in Colorado sent to him via Blackberry.
Poetry Wednesday
Ev, the big chief over at Pyra that makes this wonderful software blogger (yeah it has issues, but remember how much i have paid so far, that's right Nada!), pointed over to a new print publication called the San Francisco Reader. I liked the poems and alot of the writing there so I selected one for today.

I Write Poetry to See If I'm You
I write poetry because we're always absurd, no matter what.
I write poetry rather than carry antlers through the street,

I have no gun and no knife anyway.
I write poetry to keep the labyrinthian sound of my own echo
in the roads of my head
from swallowing me.
I write poetry because the old oratorical rhythms of words in the
howling wind
make me feel more powerful.
I write poetry because shakti-birds fly from my fingers
when I point at the moon, a lifter of fingers to cloud-heavens.
A wise wilderness taoist
once taught me to fly himself;
He was my own "I"
and so I write poetry
to imitate his language.

—Walker Brents

Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Ken Layne discusses why the CIA isn't like Bond, James Bond.
David points us to this site of geek irc quotes. It's very funny stuff where else would you read things like
The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

Light posting today off to a meeting/workshop/conference thing for a good chunk of the day.
Willkommen Deutsche leute von Martin Roell's weblog und bitte enschulding mein deutsch.
Monday, June 17, 2002
Josh Marshall has said alot of stuff that has sounded like BS from time to time, but you know, his theory on Deep Throat makes sense, more sense than I would like to admit. If you have ever wondered about who it could be go read it and give it some thought. He may just be right.
Beatriz has been making a big effort to get into blogging this past week. So drop by, read, and then send her further encouragement. I even will be adding a permanent link on my blogroll if she can find a name for it. ;-) (purposely ignoring mentioning how cute she is...)
WOW! US beat Mexico in the World Cup and now faces Germany, US vs. Germany which should I cheer that is a tough one. I may have to actually watch that match.
Previews are back at NAU, that is very cool news. It brings back many fond memories, not because I attended previews the summer before I moved to Flagstaff, no we went up a year early and hung out with a buddy who was due to go that year. Another friend and myself slept on the floor of the door room. We got the chance to wander around town and even play some catch in the Skydome.
I had an odd dream last night a good friend got mentioned in Tapped and my response to the them, well it's not Instapundit, but that's cool. The thing is I don't read Tapped. Confused, so am I. I wish I remembered more of the dream to make sense of it all.
The Colorado fire evidently was started by a Forest Service employee, didn't they start the Los Alamos fire as well? Best quote I heard in regards of it...
You know, this kind of stuff wouldn't happen if we federalized the U.S. Forest Service.
(Thanks Professor)
Sunday, June 16, 2002
So it's 1am and I still haven't made my way to bed. Part of me is pondering staying up and watching the USA vs. Mexico world cup match with my roommate when he gets up to watch it. The part of me that has to work tomorrow morning is suggesting bed.

Bed will win good night all. Good Luck USA, I think you'll need it.
Okay, party is over everyone out of the pool. My folks caught on to this blog, cat is out of the bag, nothing to see here anymore.

Still here?

Okay, good then you probably guess I was kidding, yes in fact they do know I am here (Waves to Mom and Dad in case you are reading :-)). The reality is I told them I was here, not directly, but if they followed a simple chain of links they would find it of their own accord and it was fine. Not that I have hide my blog in any regard, there has been a link from my static page since day one and they knew that url.

Truth of the matter is once you put something on the web it's public, that's the way it works and I realized it a while ago when some information I had removed had returned to the web. Never you mind the details, don't concern you. But even before then I knew the axium, never send anything in a email that you didn't want posted on a billboard on the Interstate. When you blog you put your life on display, worts and all so the news does not bother me at all actually.

The only potential changes this discovery means is it may make me finally invest in Blogger Pro so that I don't have to depend on Lex for spell checking. Otherwise I think my mother would go nuts spell and grammer checking my posts. Oh and one final thing, Welcome Mom and Dad to my blog.
Friday, June 14, 2002
From our crack Arizona reporting team we have this report:
From the 365 Bottles of Beer for the Year Calendar

"From man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world." - Arnoldus

Happy Friday Folks (Thanks Charles)
radio free beowulf has some further illuminations on the PwC Consulting name change to Monday from a musical angle. In particular, I like the line
but whenever monday comes,
you can find me cryin' all of the time

Because you know I think that's what alot of people do when consultants are brought in.
Thursday, June 13, 2002
Preparing for a webcast, as I am oft to do at work. So I go to the speaker's website to print a bio for tomorrow and contact them on a few details. But I immediately decide in the process that tomorrow's webcast will be a waste of my time and I better have a book standing by during their presentation.

1- Excessive use of Flash for their corporate website. Granted that does not mean anything in and of itself, but it always gives me that Star Wars "I have got a bad feeling about this..." thought.
2- No email addresses easily accessable. I am doing a webcast next month with a big company, let's call them the Death Star. They have their email address accessable, tomorrow's company is hellova alot smaller and less important.
3- Bio, they have a wonderful scrolling feature in Flash that lets you scroll text, great except when you try to print it out and then you have a full page with only 20% of it the information you need, three prints later I have the whole bio.

I have a feeling this going to be a waste of time...
POSTSCRIPT: Trust your instincts on such matters...
The student that sued to retake an exam in Peoria still is getting alot of coverage in the Arizona Republic. Yesterday they printed the lawyers response and a response by the teacher side by side, while I am not a fan of Republic I give them credit for reaching out to the teacher to include her letter as well as the lawyers. Today the opinion section is filled with responses in the letters worth reading. (I'd have links to the two letters, but I didn't get around to posting them yesterday and can't find the links)

Later: Desert Pundit has all the links on this story.
More on Monday
I am not the only one who thinks this Monday idea is good parody fodder. (Thanks Doc)
Wednesday, June 12, 2002
I'm very pleased with the results, though I have been compared more to the Wookie than Han.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Thanks to The Bill (of Rants)
Poetry Wednesday

Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing the self is enlightenment.

Conquering others is power;
conquering the self is strength.

Know what is enough, and you'll be rich.
Persevere, and you'll develop a will.
Remain in the center, and you'll always be at home.
Die without dying, and you'll endure forever.

---Tao Te Ching
Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Earlier this month…
Scene - Office Meeting room over looking the East River in New York City
A group of people file into room. The group consists of 10 white men in dark suits and ties between the ages of 25 and 35, along with one older male in his 50s, and a woman.

Director: Okay so everyone knows why we are here...
All: Yes, sir
Director: Great, so let's have your name suggestions for PwC Consulting, after this Arthur Anderson mess the last thing we want is to be known by our accounting firm's name.
Earnest Young Man #1: What about Accenture?
Director: Naw, been done already...
Earnest Young Man #2: JulyFirst, we could launch it next month?
Director: That's been done before as well and it failed, who are you anyways, I don't recognize you.
Earnest Young Man #2: I just started with the firm, sir! But I have been consulting for 5 years.
Director: Who with?
Earnest Young Man #2: MarchFirst
Director: Figures, how many dot coms have you worked with?
Earnest Young Man #2: 7
Director: How many are still in business?
Earnest Young Man #2: Well, they are realigning their business models.
Director: You mean they are broke.
Earnest Young Man #2: Yes, sir.
Director: Thought so, well welcome to the real world. MarchFirstboy keep your yap shut from now on. Any other names?
Earnest Young Man #3: I have a suggestion, what about Monday?
Director: You need more time? I thought you were all prepared for this meeting, I am sure we can reschedule...
Earnest Young Man #3: No sir, I mean the name is Monday, it will give it a fresh start to the week. You know and that way it will stick in peoples minds.
Director: Hey, I kinda like that. Hmmmm, Monday, snappy, easy to remember Monday. That might just work.
Woman: Sir, I don't think it will work at all, first off, people HATE Mondays, they have to go back to work, furthermore the press will tear it apart and we will be the laughing stock...
Director: Oh great glad to see you, Baby can you go get me some coffee cream and two sugars, that would be great. Now Monday...I like it.
Woman: Sir, I am Vice President for Business Development, not your secretary. Send someone else to get the coffee. In regards of this Monday name, I really think it's a bad idea because [cutoff]
Director: Do you work for me?
Woman: Yes.
Director: Then if you want to stay employed you will go get me that coffee
Woman: But...
Director: No buts, just do it.
[Woman gets up seething with fury and leaves the room.]
Director: Now where were we, ah yes Monday, let's go with that...[meeting continues on]

I can only imagine that this had to be part of the process in order to come up with such a stupid name.

When I got an email detailing the name yesterday, I thought it was a joke email. But then at dinner last night we started to discuss it with a bunch of MBAs (yes those MBAs) and then I realized it wasn't a joke it was real. They are actually going to name themselves Monday. The stupidity of the new name was clear to everyone in the room. I just have to wonder at the thought process to come up with such an idea, it honestly boggles the mind.

Just in case you think I am kidding, go read about the name change

POSTSCRIPT: I was having a conversation on this subject and someone had the comment "Yeah, I heard the Vatican issued a press release and the Catholic church will now be known by the name Sunday."

Instapundit is going to be in town....hmmm, I am going to have to check that out.

Postscript: And of course I am going to blog it...
Check out Eric Raymond and quickly understand why if you are not a blindly following a partisan view in DC, it can be a difficult life. I think he's right on 90% of these...
Fire prevention gets serious in Arizona
I have mentioned the fire danger in Arizona a few times this year, but now they are taking a really serious step. Oak Creek Canyon is one of the prettiest places in Arizona, but admittly it's a fire trap. There is only one road through the canyon state highway 89A and at this time of year it can take an hour or more to drive between Flagstaff and Sedona because of all the tourists going through the canyon and up the switchbacks. (As for contrast at other times of the year, I know some people who have made the Flag/Sedona run in as little as thirty minutes) If a fire breaks out in the canyon it can quickly sweep through it putting all the residents and tourists in jeopardy, perhaps even before the fire department has a chance to respond. They have equipment in the canyon, but with more than 12,000 cars passing through the traffic can make getting around difficult. So what do you do?

They have decided to close the road with the exception of home owners, business owners and employees and those visitors with reservations at one of the lodges or campgrounds. It won't stop all the traffic but it will greatly reduce it. I am really torn about the idea. I know the canyon, I love it in it's current condition and I would hate to see it ravaged by fire. At the same time, the government telling me where I can and can't go on the basis of what might happen troubles me, a lot.

I see both sides of this question, a friend has been involved in fighting a house fire in the canyon and they nearly lost control of it due to the wind that night. At the same time there is a question of basic freedoms as well. The whole issue leaves me troubled and I don't know what the answer is.

The Arizona Republic has an editorial worth reading, the topic is how far parents will go to abuse the education system. Evidently, a family threatened a lawsuit if a student didn't get to retake a test that she had failed. The worst part was the response of district officials that did not take a stand against this family. I would like to say this is an isolated incident, but far too often in Arizona this is the norm. The districts don't back their teachers with the confidence they should. I am not talking about matters of abuse, but in matters of everyday school procedure and grading. Teachers work very long hours for low pay and little real recognition. Then when cases like this come up the district rather than stand by these deadicated professionals, they put their head in the sand.

I say this is the norm in Arizona and I know it all too well. I know a teacher who put in probably 60 hours a week(at least), she left generally before 7am in the morning and was rarely home before 5 in the afternoon. She spent her evenings and weekends grading papers. She helped alot of kids helping some kids improve as much as two grade levels of reading ability in a single year. She worked inner city schools for a good part of the twenty years often with families who didn't speak English, her guiding idea if they wanted to learn she wanted to teach.

After 20 years of teaching she moved to a suburbs school district for a shorter commute and less stress. She found it amusing that her first day at the new school a child was in tears of forgetting their lunch was the biggest stress of the day rather than a student carrying a gun into the classroom. After a few months a new stress appeared, a student had done poorly on an exam. She was willing to help the student work to improve their grades in the future, but the grade stood as it was. But that wasn't enough for the parents, so they went to the school board and demand to have their child's grade raised. The school board caved, they ordered the teacher to change the grade.

The teacher left the profession after finishing the school year.

She had helped nearly 2000 students by my best guess learn and grow. But no more.

School districts never have enough money or time to accomplish all that they are charged to do. But they can back their teachers with the confidence that they have authority in the classroom. It's a simple thing, they hired this person, trust their judgement.

Oh and how do I know that teacher's story so well? I grew up with it unfolding before my eyes, because you see that teacher is my Mom.
Monday, June 10, 2002
Monday Mission 2.23
1. Do you have a side of the bed on which you prefer to sleep? Do you sleep on that side even when traveling or does it matter? If your head is at the top of the bed and you are lying down I prefer the right side, I don't really know why, I don't know I tend to sleep alot better on my back and when I do I snore.

2. What is your favorite "Theme Park?" How come and when was the last time you were there? I don't go to them all that often the concept of pay 20-40 bucks to get in and then pay alot for cheap food doesn't really interest me. I did like going to state fairs every once and a while. Nothing like winning a silly little gift for a gf, to brighten her day.

3. What is you most and least favorite thing about staying in hotels? The smell in middle level and cheap hotels there is a certain cleaning smell that drives me nuts, probably from my experience working at a hotel. I think the main problem is most hotels designed anymore don't allow open windows, because they are afraid of liability and you can't get any fresh, no machine processed air into the room. My favorite thing I think is something Douglas Copeland wrote about hotels and traveling in general, you have no past, no history, every time you enter a hotel room it's a fresh start, the past erased clean away. Interesting idea, no?

4. Did you ever take family vacations that required looooooong car rides? Were siblings involved ("Stop touching me! Don't cross this line!)Were they just unbearable or did you make up some "car ride games" to pass the time? Give me a book, turn some decent music on, let me watch the countryside passby and I am entertained. Although I am sure my Little Brother and I got in trouble from time to time, it's more fun to 'fight' my brother now and watch the dog get angry at us, that she doesn't like to see us horse around and gets all protective. It's hilarious to watch a 15 pound dog trying to break up two 200lb adults.

5. With all the drilled peep-holes and spy-cams we hear about on the news, have you ever felt self-conscious about taking off your clothes in a hotel bathroom? Has wondering if someone was on the other side of that mirror on the wall above the dresser made you think twice about "gettin' busy?" Nope, why do you have a story you are not telling us?

6. Describe the most romantic vacation you have ever taken or if that does not apply ;) (), tell me about the worst vacation you have ever taken. Prague in the Czech Republic, 10 years ago. You are lucky to get that much out of me.

7. (continued) After a full tummy and four days of sleep, I'd say I've never felt better. Since it is nearly noon, how about you come over and we'll hang out on the deck. I have a pool, hot tub and lotsa eats and drink. But feel free to bring whatever else you think we need! How should we spend this fine afternoon at the pool? Swinmming and a good BBQ, I could probably even dig up my grandfathers amazing BBQ sauce.

BONUS: Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often? Nope. huh, wha?

The drought carries on in Arizona and it will for a while, they won't more than likely see any rain until after the first week of July when the monsoon season begins. The good thing of the monsoon season rain, though it can evaporate as quickly as it falls, the bad thing the lightening that often accompanies those rain storms. For those of you not from out West this is normally a dry time of year the difference is in Winter they normally get enough rain and snow to keep some ground water, this year it was very dry. So it's very dangerous. Take care Zonis.
So I worked last night and it's amazing to see the differences in conferences. This one has a much larger budget than the last one I attended, had a damn fancy opening reception with a pasta bar, full apps, and open bar. At one point at the registration desk they needed an icon of my work for some name tags. I thought no big deal I don't remember exactly where it was on our website, but I was sure I could find it. So I walk over to the person's laptop and said, okay start off at our website, the reply was "Oh ummmm we don't have Internet access." The funny thing is it is for the Networked Economy, but evidently no one thought with all that money to get Wi-Fi access (or even give the access for free and get listed as a sponsor). So need less to say I don't carry icon graphics around on my person, do you? So the badges were made up with out.

It did really surprise me no net access, if we were in Cleveland, St. Louis, or even Flagstaff I wouldn't have such expectations. But this is a conference in Northern Virginia half the internet traffic in the world used to shoot through their pipes (not sure the percentage now). Considering all the tech firms that are in the area, are sponsors, and the folks at George Mason Tech Center who are hosting you would think something that simple would be a no brainer. Oh well, kinda makes me glad I am in the office today.
Sunday, June 09, 2002
I don't blog on the weekend
I don't blog on the weekend, nor generally get on the computer at all until Sunday evening at the earliest. I started this habit a few years ago just to unplug from reading email, listservs, and all that wonder information the net is oft to provide (like Tastes Like Chicken, granted the only reason I am linking is because of my sudden interest in BSD).

The reason for this unplug is generally being to get myself outside and a bit of fresh air, especially on a day like yesterday. Absolutely perfect day. I was able to enjoy a nice lunch out on a patio and then golfing in the afternoon. Today looks just as great so get out and enjoy. Will I be joining the lucky people outside? Not for very long, some idiot volunteered me to work registration for a conference this afternoon (yes I am that idiot)

And if you are absolutely convinced you are going to stay in and wander the web, go read Lex, he has some fun posts on girl-watching from yesterday. (Psssstt Lex, go outside and enjoy the weather already, this is DC you know it won't last)

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